Purpose of the Congress

The relationship of Communication and Management Sciences has gained more importance recently in accordance with the interdisciplinary structure of the social sciences. The necessity of strategic management of communication, building management in a sustainable way and to include various stakeholder groups concretizes the relationship between these two disciplines. Communication is the foundation of productivity and quality for an organization, and is an essential element of a successful management. Institutions and organizations, which are part of the social structure, maintain their existences in the order of relations established internally and externally. Controlling and functioning of these relations in a specific structural order is achieved by conducting an effective communication policy. In a management, no matter how accurate job descriptions are made and how much harmony is fulfilled between the task and the employees, it is not possible to achieve success unless there is a communication system working properly between the employees and their managers. In this context, 1st International Congress of Communication and Management Sciences will be organized by İnönü University, Faculty of Communication on 26-28 September 2019. Our congress, which aims participation of scientists from Turkey and many other countries, is an international academic congress. In our congress, it is aimed to discuss the innovations, developments and changes in communication and management axis and to present, discuss and develop suggestions related to the field. In addition to this, within the scope of the congress our other objectives are to bring together scientists, public, private and civil sector representatives from an innovative and interdisciplinary perspective and to provide an environment for sharing and dissemination of knowledge. Meanwhile, to investigate the ways and methods of management formation which is sensitive to the demands of the society, attach importance to participation, clarifying goals and priorities, provide accountability, smaller but more effective and adopt a transparent and competent communication approach. Congress web address is http://incom.inonu.edu.tr. We are honoured to see scientists, researchers and practitioners who are interested to the field in our congress.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet YATKIN
Chairman of the Congress Organization Committee